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Default Re: Hearing protection?

I use some of these, Peltor H10A muffs -

They are AWESOME. They make everything sound huge and naturally compressed. Not boxy like cheaper earmuffs do, these are totally different. I think they have some kind of dual-shell design which is why they sound the way that they do. Also super comfortable. I can't recommend them enough, for a low price convenient option. See if a store will let you buy them and return them if you don't like them. I got mine from a specialised safety store.

For earplugs I use silicon gel plugs from the pharmacy. It's like a putty that you roll into a ball and stuff it in your ear. Very comfortable, and sounds much more natural than foam plugs. I have to buy a new box of them about every 6 months, but I would probably wreck or lose any proper 'musician' plugs in that time anyway.
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