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Hi all, Iím new to the forum and fairly new to Drums. Iíd taken a drum class in highschool for a couple years that taught me to basically read sheet music and play on a snare drum. This was about 15 years ago though and I really donít remember anything Iíd learned. Iíve been playing guitar for 3 years now and recently my 8 year old son has really taken a liking to drums so I bought him a pad and some sticks. Heís used it quite a bit but lately he has been listening to music sitting in a chair in front of his bed and playing on the mattress. There is nothing he wants more for Christmas than a drum set so I did a little research and ended up buying him a Gretsch Renegade 5 piece beginner kit that comes with a bass drum, 2 toms, a floor tom, snare, crash & hi hat cymbals. It even comes with a throne so I believe I have everything needed to start playing. Iím really excited for him (and myself as I plan on using them also). Can anyone give me any ideas of some must have accessories? You know, the things that come Christmas morning when I start assembling the kit Iíll wish I had. I plan on also buying covers to muffle the sound for quiet practice and sticks. I already have ear plugs and also ear muffles (Like gun range muffles). Is there anything else Iíll need. Keep in mind this will be our first drum set. Iím not sure if I should have something to tune them with or whatever else. Any ideas are appreciated!! Thanks.
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