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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Arky, you got any tunes you've written that needs drums?

Oops - I didn't notice your post! Geez, can I trust my eyes? ;-)
Well yes... I'm working on some stuff for quite some time. Basically the songs are written but I'm terribly slow at recording them (a surplus of analog gear -> lots of sound options, and also my perfectionism are counter productive). The style is 'gothic/romantic doom' - nothing technical (slow, melancholic, female vocals).

Why are you asking? Do you know somebody who could help, haha?
(I'm doing music for 21 yrs now, but I've always been quite isolated - no bands, no gigs, just doing my own stuff. But a ton of gear in my homestudio instead. I don't know one metal drummer in my area in person, what a shame.)

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