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Default New Song "The Kits

There is unrest in the basement
There is trouble with the kits
For the white kit wants some sparkles
And the burl ignores his fit's

The trouble with the white kit
And he's quite convinced he's right
Say's the ocher is too sparkly
And he grabs up all the light

But the ocher can't help his feelings
If he likes the way he's made
And he wonders why the white kit
Can't be happy being played

There is trouble in the basement
And the gui-tars all have fled
As the white kit screams oppression
And the burl just shakes his head

So the white kit formed a union
And demanded equal rights
"The ocher is just too greedy"
"We will make them gives us light"

Now there is no more ocher oppression
For i've passed a noble law
And the kits are all kept equal
By continually playing them all.

Thank you RUSH for the original lyrics too "The Trees" for my inspiration. :)
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