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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Judging from that dropped 5th string, the lowest/6th string would make a F# - which corresponds to the lowest open string on an 8-string guitar! I guess you're using a 7-string for this downtuning, else I can't imagine you could get that low with standard or slightly above standard string gauge.

As to the SM57:
There's a free mod on the SM57: Just remove the (crappy) transformer (or simply bridge the internal wiring between the XLR connector and the capsule) - one of the few modifications you don't need replacement/upgrade parts for. As a side-effect you'd lose quite some level (to be made up with clean preamps) but the benefit is opening up the frequency response both the low and high frequencies. I would do this mod to any 57 I can get hold of.

Your signal path is really down to earth, the sonic results are amazing!
Cheers brotha.......Yeah, I figured might as well try to come up with my own voice as opposed to copying someone else. Thanks for noticing.....most think the guitars are too "weird" for their liking.....which tells me I'm doing something right. Haha.

The down tuning thing......yes, it's F# but, I just use a 6 string for all my guitars. I run 10- 60s on all the guitars so, It doesn't get too loose up there.

And yes, the 57 I use for guitars does have the mod. I have a few 57s that I've done that too.
Doesn't work on everything though. Don't like the mod 57s on the drums at all....esp on snares. Just not my thang.

This time...I'm going to video the recording of the guitars and bass (as well as drums and all other instruments) for the final product.

I'll keep ya posted.


Oh can hear some of my solo work on the first SR....all me on that one too. Haha.
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