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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
(...) I try really hard to have my own voice with drums and guitar. I figured if there's going to be 2 guitar players.....why have them play the same thing all the time? Or just harmonies here and there?
Thanks for answering, sir - er, D-Rod ;-)

You've definitely found your own voice with the guitars. To my ears there's quite a uniqueness to those lines, even if you'd be a 'specialist guitarist' which makes your material the more remarkable. I'd be curious to hear some lead parts - I've heard you can do sweeping. Now there aren't too many drummers who can play sweeps on the guitar! (Really what drummer bothers to learn this, haha.)

I also like to spread up guitar parts, but only seldom that diverse as you do. I really should try though.
Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
(...) I have a few different guitars...most of them tuned differently. (That's another way I look to sound different...through tunings)
My standard tuning starts at C#....the whole guitar. Then I have a few other tunings I use as a "secret weapon" so to speak. One is an octave down of the 5th (low tone) string...the other tuning I use a lot is a steel guitar tuning that sounds wicked.....Don't remember what the actual notes are....have them written down on the wall at the warehouse! Haha. I remember by sound though.
Very cool idea! None of my orig. acoustic guitar instrumentals are in standard tuning (standard tuning doesn't inspire me at all on the ac. guitar). I'm reluctant to go the alternate tuning way on my electrics though (quite a hassle with vibrato systems).

As to acoustic guitar tunings, DADGAD (= Open Dsus4) is one of the most common (and also my favourite one - it has an Irish sound to it - at least that's my impression). It's standard tuning but dropping e1, b2 and E6 1 full step down.

Judging from that dropped 5th string, the lowest/6th string would make a F# - which corresponds to the lowest open string on an 8-string guitar! I guess you're using a 7-string for this downtuning, else I can't imagine you could get that low with standard or slightly above standard string gauge.

As to the SM57:
There's a free mod on the SM57: Just remove the (crappy) transformer (or simply bridge the internal wiring between the XLR connector and the capsule) - one of the few modifications you don't need replacement/upgrade parts for. As a side-effect you'd lose quite some level (to be made up with clean preamps) but the benefit is opening up the frequency response both the low and high frequencies. I would do this mod to any 57 I can get hold of.

Your signal path is really down to earth, the sonic results are amazing!
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