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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
cool stuff!

I hope it's not too dumb asking some guitar related questions...

Which guitars do you use? Which (down)tuning? Which amps, microphones? Mic preamps? Your guitar playing is quite remarkable, too. Very fresh and inspiring riffs!
Ah...thanks Arky. I try really hard to have my own voice with drums and guitar. I figured if there's going to be 2 guitar players.....why have them play the same thing all the time? Or just harmonies here and there?

SR guitar parts are different from one another and never does each player play the same thing. It gives it more of an "orchestrated" type of vibe. Like between a violin and a viola.

My gear ranges.....I have a few different guitars...most of them tuned differently. (That's another way I look to sound different...through tunings)
My standard tuning starts at C#....the whole guitar. Then I have a few other tunings I use as a "secret weapon" so to speak. One is an octave down of the 5th (low tone) string...the other tuning I use a lot is a steel guitar tuning that sounds wicked.....Don't remember what the actual notes are....have them written down on the wall at the warehouse! Haha. I remember by sound though.

Guitars are a Yamaha Ty Tabor, 85 Jackson soloist, and a Ibanez RG560...All with Seymour JBs pick ups .
Marshall 2203 head with a 1960 cab with 25 watt greenbacks...using a Rociforte Bastard line driver pedal.

Mic is a Shure 57 ran to my ProTools rig.....nothin fancy! Haha.

I do use the SSL pull ins channel stripes and compression to dial it in but, I haven't gotten that far with it yet....not on this video.

Thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by George Kollias View Post
Killer stuff brother :-)
New SR sounds killer, looking forward to it!
Hey George....meant to call you back last night. love the idea....lets talk this weekend and try to make it happen.

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