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Default Re: Foot drums for a one man band?

Option 1: I've seen single-octive foot-pedal-keyboards used by a one-man guitarist/singer so he could play bass along with guitar. Find something like that which can output midi, and you can get all the sounds you could ever need, bass, snare, hat, bass+crash, etc.

Option 2: Use something electronic to supply your hihat track. This heavily simplifies your gear requirements, plus playing eighths on the hats all night long will tire you out.

Option 3: Play hihat with your left foot, play snare and bass with your right. On the right goes the bass drum with a single pedal. On the left goes a hihat stand (probably a 2 leg or legless stand, look into the Gibraltar off-time hihat attachment) if you're happy to play foot-chicks and splashes on the hats, or else a bass pedal with an x-hat if you want a stick striking the hat. The slap-stick thing looks like it might help. Also on the left is the snare drum attached to the jungle riser, with a lefty double bass pedal. Your right foot bounces between the bass pedal and slave snare pedal on the right, your left foot keeps time on the hats.

As for the crash, you can rig something up with another pedal immediately next to the bass pedal, so that you can stomp on both pedals at the same time for bass+crash.. Probably need to use a regular double pedal so that you can have the slave pedal next to the bass drum.

Honestly, that Farmer Foot Drum looks better and better due to being compact and does an awful lot for the money. I gather that you've already got drum hardware that you want to hodgepodge together; if you were starting from scratch the Foot Drum seems like a no-brainer.
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