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Default Re: Attention Melbourne drummers!

2) Also looking for a brief rundown on the drum shops. I'm familiar with Allens (not the Melbourne store, but I've spent a bit of time in the Sydney store), and a brief Google search shows a bunch of others. It's a bit hard to gauge them from their websites though. Looks like they all specialise in different brands. Any that have a particularly good reputation? (Any that have a particularly BAD reputation? haha) Of course I will familiarise myself with what's there after I arrive but it's a good idea to see what other people think.
1. Check here: There's a few guys there who I've seen in various outfits over the years.....some of them big names on the local scene. I know they can all play. And knowing Frank Corniola's reputation, he wouldn't hire any slouches anyway. Northcote is not too far from Brunswick (5 to 10 mins drive).
+1. I would also recommend Drumtek.

3) Last thing (for now anyway!), and it's kind of a strange question, but what is the gig culture like? More for going to gigs than playing them, I mean. Here in Wellington gigs start really late, and I get a bit pissed off with it. What would a typical start time be for a bar gig? I saw Aloe Blacc earlier this year and the tickets said "Show starts at 8pm SHARP", but of course even the opening act didn't come on until 9:30 or so. Of course I will just deal with whatever it's like over there, but I don't want to apply my Wellington sensibilities to a Melbourne show and miss the first half of it!
I do not gig so I cannot speak from personal experience about performing at gigs but from what I have read in the paper live music is more popular than going to the football.

BTW, if you are interested in the local gig scene, I would recommend searching the gig/arts section of the newspaper (like The Age newspaper which also has a weekly gig guide) and tuning into to radio stations that are big on promoting the gig scene - like PBS 106.7 FM (, Triple R ( or Triple J (
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