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Default Foot drums for a one man band?

A completely self-contained foot controlled compact drum kit for a one man band!

Hello there, how do you do?

I am a solo singer/guitarist who wants to add real drums to my one man show.

I was considering going with Pete Farmer's awesome new Deluxe V.4 foot drum unit for quite some time,
however I won't have a chance to test out the unit before buying,
and while it may very well be worth every penny of the $1500 he is currently charging for it,
I am not completely comfortable with paying that kind of money for such a unique item sight unseen.
Besides that, being a drummer, I have been toying with incorporating some of the actual drums from my kit
into a setup which I could play using my feet.

BTW I'll be using the snare and the bass from my Pearl Rhythm traveller kit....

Here is what I've sketched out so far....

Being a right-handed drummer, I will primarily play the bass drum with my right foot and the snare drum with my left

The snare will be positioned vertically with the help of this:

and this:

Of course, to play the beats on my snare drum I will be using a bass drum pedal
and I thought that while I was at it, I may as well use a double bass drum pedal on my snare
and position the second pedal next to the pedal that will actually be beating the bass drum
so that I could fill in an extra snare beat here and there whenever I can.
Also, instead of of using standard bass drum beaters, I thought I'd use a couple of these:

In all honesty, when it comes to setting up my snare drum for this project,
I'm going to rip off this guy and follow his lead:

So, I have my bass drum and my snare drum covered....
....NOW, to incorporate a crash and a set of hi-hats....'s where it gets sticky....and I'm stuck!!!

I have been thinking of adding an extra bass drum pedal
which would somehow hit a bass beat and a cymbal crash simultaneously....
The crash could possibly need to be positioned vertically as well,
down, behind and to the right of the bass drum-from the player's POV....

I am considering positioning the hi hats in a similar manner
in between the bass drum and the snare drum somehow.

Similarly, I have also been thinking of how I can attach a drum stick or a beater
to the main bass drum pedal and the main snare pedal as well in a manner so that
a hi hat beat can be sounded on each of the "1" and "3" beats of the bass drum
and on the "2" and "4" beats of the snare drum.

In fact, I could possibly even play eighth beats on the hi hats for that matter
if there was a way to use a set of flex-tip drumsticks such as these:

I think I have the basics covered and I can generally envision what I need to do
to make this drum kit come together, but I really don't know about what kind of hardware
and various clamps are available to me and what pieces I may have to come up with on my own.
There are no music stores anywhere near me at all so whatever drum hardware I buy
will need to be bought online.

I have never attempted anything like this before and I can use all the help I can get.
How many of you guys and gals out there have done anything similar to what I have described above
and how did you make your kit come together?

To put it really as simply as possible, how would you go about
incorporating an actual snare, an actual bass, a real crash and a real set of hi hats
into a compact drum kit which will allow me to play 4/4 rock and roll beats with my feet alone?

A completely self-contained foot controlled compact drum kit for a one man band!

Any thoughts guys?
Thank you very much!
Darcy Chubbs
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