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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Can't wait for M&M II to arrive (Germany here) in 1-2 days ;-)
UPDATE: It's here! [*drool*]

Having watched "II"...
Wow! It's a great follow-up to your "I". Here's some random thoughts of mine:

Those 5 / 7 / 9 patterns were really interesting. I was struggling with the 5 the most.

I liked the section on ghost notes and time bending a lot, that was really helpful.

"Sparks Will Fly" - What a beautiful arrangement! (And great song & vocals BTW.) Those subtle elements and additional percussion are very inspiring. Makes me want to check some of those tools/instruments out at the music store next time. It's really a great pleasure to see that your stunning chops and skills don't have to be utilised all the time to make great music and create a warm and harmonic atmosphere.

Towards the end of the DVD it was cool to see that even Mr. Sucherman might drop a stick on a concert - it just happens. Well nobody really noticed - 1 second later and the case was closed - that's how real pros handle situations like that. It was also very interesting to see some footage of you practicing on a pad and watching some combinations you used.

As to the DVD not having PDFs etc - yes, this makes really sense. Some things (usually the good ones) just take some effort.
I was happy to see that even with a mere 15 months of drumming but having picked up trad style almost from the beginning, I really had some benefit from the DVD even watching it for the first time. Some of the material - or at least the playing tempo - was within what I can handle. Well on a pad that is - on a full set there's more distance to cover.

One question - sorry if this seems dumb but on YouTube some folks were discussing whether the outdoor shootings were really done with the drums actually set up outdoor or whether a greenscreen was used. I'm not sure... I'm asking out of pure curiosity, it doesn't change a thing.

Todd, thank you so much for another great DVD and for being the drummer and person you are. One can really look up to you!

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