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Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
I hope it's just an oversight. I just looked on their site and emailed them the same question (maybe a little more diplomatically than your last sentence :) ) but with the same sense of bewilderment.

After asking them why, I commented that when I think of Gretsch, I think of Tony's big, canary yellow set. Sincerely,...

If they email back with an excuse about Tony switching to DW, I'll suggest the following:

As far as "brand loyalty", Elvin played Tama and Yamaha, Max played Ludwig, Louis played Slingerland and Remo, Philly Joe played Premier, Art Blakey played Pearl & Premier and on and on. In fact I've a heard a quote (2nd hand) where Art said, "I'll play anything!"

Heh, we're definitely on the same page on this :)

Yeah, I thought about how all those other jazz greats changed brands a long time ago. If anything, Tony probably stuck with Gretsch the longest. And I'd argue that his canary yellow set is the most iconic one they ever built.

I hope it's an oversight, too.
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