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Theres a famous interview with Gene Krupa about trying to defeat Webb at the battle of the bands and when it would be time for them to "cut"! Krupa explained how he would go back and forth with Chick but in the end walked out in front of Webbs kit and kneeled down and bowed.
Webb had a very unusaul sense of timing and could appear to be so far away from the beginning of a groove and mysterially return without a missed que and appearing to do all this planned hahaha!!!! He was almost a dwarf, he was hunchedback and lived in pain his entire life. He had the BEST band in the land and all the band leaders knew it.
That man was the best of his time and he had a traditional combination of drums and percussion together, the man was a Monster!! Doc

utube below in red men. post IS the interview I was speaking of and you can hear the difference in the bands. Its nite & day I don't have heros if I did it would be Webb

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