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Default Re: Chick Webb

Thanks Dmacc.

Found this great video on Mr Webb.

It seems that Webb gets much less recognition than other drummers of the same era. Everyone always wants to compare players to Buddy and give props to Louie Bellson, Buddy and Gene. I've finally started to cover Jazz with my drum teacher and I really have no interest in learning the modern fusion stuff. Too noodlie for me. I'm absolutely enamored with the big-band era though. The class, the swagger, the restrained and yet flashy chops and that giant bass drum.

To me Chick Webb represents all of that without all the pretentiousness that Jazz has gained over the years. Originally this was the people's music.

To pick up Richard's question now that I've zombied this thread: what are some essential recordings to check out?
Classy grip all day.
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