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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Hello guys

A few days ago, I talked about the collaboration between Simon and Mo foster (bass), and one of their project RMS with long time friend of Simon, guitarist Ray Russell (they played together on various projects since 1974 with the band Chopyn). Ray is also featured on both Simon's educational videos from the early 90's.

In the early 80's, Ray, Mo and Simon, hence the name RMS, decided to put a jazz/rock/fusion band together with their own compositions.

The album Centennial Park (1982) was recorded live in a studio in one day, with a horns section which brings together the spontaneity and excitement of a live performance. The music itself is a unique blend of modern composition, improvisations and enthusiasm.

I've selected 4 songs from this album.

"Broadway Rundown" The opening track from the album...

"Truck" A nice ending from Simon with the horns section...

"Hoover The Duvet" A jazz piece as crazy as the title suggest...

"First Love" A beautiful piece with synth guitar and fretless bass...

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