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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by AlphaAccount View Post
@eddie: The only way you get a gf/spouse is by asking out girls. And the trick is, you get better at it the more often you do it. There's also the factor that some people fall harder than others when getting rejected, but drummindan seems to be handling things pretty smoothly. (to me, a 17 yr old lol)
Oooh wow a 17 year old relationship expert! Seriously, I'm not going to start taking advice from someone who isn't even aware that couples are supposed to sleep in the same bed...

Originally Posted by drummindan8484 View Post
Thanks man. So far so good, she replied to my message this morning saying she's glad to know we're on the same page and talking to her in class nothing was too awkward.

Do have one question though. In my reply to that message, I very casually invited her to join me and the bass player from that class in seeing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones next March. The only thing is, is it wrong for a girl to hang out with 2 dudes at once? I figured I could at least ask her since I know she likes Bela and co, likes us as friends (dude has a girlfriend, I told him he can bring her along if he wishes), it's just the moderate level of taboo that could be seen with that. Opinions please. Keep in mind this is a girl who prefers to hang out with guys if I didn't mention that already (I saw some men's website refer to her type as the "Guy's Girl"- the slightly quirky girl that gets along better with guys do to her personality and interest.)
Mate, seriously, you need to stop looking on the internet for advice. Some things are best sorted out in your head or by discussing it with friends or family. If you have any problems with your drums then by all means ask us, but you can't expect people you've never met before on the internet to solve every tiny problem you come across in life. What you've got to understand is that everyone has problems in their life and whilst people are willing to give you advice to an extent, there is only so far you can take it.
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