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Default Re: Updated Ludwig Classic Maple Bonham Pics...

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Hey guys,
Here are some updated pics of the kit. Some things have changed since I last posted pics of it. I got some vintage-looking hardware (cymbal and snare stands) to better fit the "era". I changed the badges out to the blue/olive badges and found an actual 70's rail. I also updated my cymbal rig to match the kit. I've got a refurbished Speed King pedal on the way from Jesse at, so I'm excited about that. I just love this kit. Playing this kit sounds like it's right out of the Zeppelin IV recording sessions...
One other thing - With the bass drum, I found that removing the felt strip from the resonant head added to it's boomy-ness. It's not ringy (as in high-pitched), and it adds so much more to the sound of the kit. I recommend to all 26" bass drum owners doing the felt strip method to remove them from your reso heads. Let that drum sing!

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Attachment 44999

Attachment 45000

Attachment 45001

Attachment 45002

Attachment 45003

Attachment 45004

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Attachment 45006

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6.5x14 LM402
10x14 Rack
16x16 Floor
16x18 Floor
14x26 Bass

15" 2oo2 Sound Edge hats
18" Giant Beat Multi
20" Giant Beat Multi
24" Giant Beat Ride
That, my friend, is a beautiful drum kit. Enjoy.
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