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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by kettles View Post
I can see religion getting in the way of a relationship. I personally don't think that I could have a relationship with someone subscribed to a religion, at least not long term. It just wouldn't work. Not to confuse religion with spirituality though. I'm not an atheist either.

I'm also a vegan and probably wouldn't last with someone who wasn't at least vegetarian. It's all about being on the same wavelength, man.
I could definitely see it being a problem with long-term relationships, but for a college gf... eh, not as much. Especially if those two people live separately.

I'm not very religious (don't go to church), but I believe in God and like to think I'm pretty spiritual. Although I guess if I had a gf who came to my door at 6 am every Sunday and pulled me out of the warmth of my bed to attend church, that would lead to some problems.

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