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Thomas Lang is one of my favorite drummers. His technique is so inspiring as it shows us what can be done behind the kit. I totally disagree with players who find his playing to be without feel. But a person's style is totally subjective when it comes to what one gravtitates towards. For example, I find nothing appealing about drummers such as Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl and at times even the great Vinnie Colaiuta but would never say that they aren't amazing drummers. Plus, you have to give respect for their stellar careers.

Thomas Lang's DVD is also phenomenal in not just what he's doing but also what you get for the price. The only other videos I have that I felt gave me a lot of quality were the ones by Bobby Rock. I've seen so many videos, especially those over priced Modern Drummer ones that are good but sorry, 40 minutes for $30, that's a rip off! And those are the VHS versions!

Finally, he's actually replied to some of my emails so I have to show him some love and appreciation!
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