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Default Updated Ludwig Classic Maple Bonham Pics...

Hey guys,
Here are some updated pics of the kit. Some things have changed since I last posted pics of it. I got some vintage-looking hardware (cymbal and snare stands) to better fit the "era". I changed the badges out to the blue/olive badges and found an actual 70's rail. I also updated my cymbal rig to match the kit. I've got a refurbished Speed King pedal on the way from Jesse at, so I'm excited about that. I just love this kit. Playing this kit sounds like it's right out of the Zeppelin IV recording sessions...
One other thing - With the bass drum, I found that removing the felt strip from the resonant head added to it's boomy-ness. It's not ringy (as in high-pitched), and it adds so much more to the sound of the kit. I recommend to all 26" bass drum owners doing the felt strip method to remove them from your reso heads. Let that drum sing!

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14x26 Bass

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