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Default Re: Johnny's DW kit!!!

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Good call on that. Gaming is a complete waste of time. I fell into it a few years back on the xbox. If I could only have all those hours back again. :) When I first got married I was into computer gaming, and every time I bought the latest game I had to upgrade my computer. The gift that kept on taking. :)
I lived in Oregon at that time and was looking for something to do because it rains so much. Gaming has run it's course for me. I had a ball with it. I had a decent kill to death ratio, commanded an Army in a Battlefield 2142 campaign and won, and made a lot of very cool friends and acquaintances from all over the globe. Now... it's time for getting back into drumming. When I first started out, I was heavily influenced by Tommy Lee, whom I still love as a player and always will. This time, I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from John Bonham. I'm having a ball so far. Looking forward to also taking some lessons again real soon.
My kit "Mjolnir":
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