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I'm fairly new to all this, so technical terms don't really mean much to me. Anyhow, I've been drumming a year or so on my boyfriends kit. He's now got a new kit and decided that because the old one was past it's best he'd just give it to me (thanking my lucky stars). It's not actually all that bad, just happens to have been passed around a lot. I've now got a whole set of new remo heads and am building up on cymbals but the kit looks horrid.

It's cream.

I've been reading up on recustomising and from what I can make out it's better to strip the wrap from the shells before doing anything. And I'm up for doing it and know all about the prep needed before hand (My dad has had various jobs) but I wanted to know if staining or spraying would be better if there's much difference. I've heard sprays can later crack but presumably if it's good enough quality and done in the right weather it would work?

I'd like to use two colours on my shells (purple and black) so I'm thinking spraying would be better but I'd like some insight first

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