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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

OK it appears there's a lot of miscommunication going on here between me and the rest of you so let's go back a ways.

I asked her out 2 classes ago. She asked if she could get back to me. I then talked to my teacher about it since he knows her real well and said knowing her, that means no. She just has one specific type of guy that she's looking for, and it's not me. He said in her mind, the religion thing may have been the only thing stopping us, and it sounds like he was right.

Fast forward to yesterday. I get a message from facebook saying thanks but no thanks. She said I'm a cool guy and everything but our views are just different and she didn't feel comfortable with that. So I asked my teacher for her # and never got it, which is probably a good thing. So I messaged her asking her to call me, which she refused to do- saying "there's nothing else for me to say". So I replied telling her exactly what I wanted to tell her- that I think the same way about a relationship with an atheist that she does with a Christian and that I wasn't offended, yet I still like her and want to be friends.
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