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Default Re: How many U.S. Congressmen does it take?

Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post
How many U.S.Congressmen does it take to change a light bulb?

The decision is still tied up in heated and lengthy bi-partisan committee hearings trying to determine where funding will come from, if any lobbyist or PAC money is needed to help determine the brand of bulb to be used, amount of wattage required, environmental impact studies needed, who the recipient of the light from the new bulb will be, if the new light be considered “green” energy, how the parties will look if the bulb is not changed, and if it is changed, how many Americans will be put out of a job by letting outsourced H1-B Visa holders perform the work of actually changing the bulb. The actual tools necessary to do the job will be voted on the next time Congress convenes.
Ha! To keep it up to date, I'd add, "Consideration of whether or not light bulbs are tyrannical and an infringement on liberty."
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