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Default Re: MIDI Record Weirdness...Delayed & Scrambled (!@#$%^&*>?)


everything now ok on the MIDI thing...reinstalled the 2009 M-Audio Drivers & it's working fine now [the 2011's were (x86)...& wouldn't install].

so now...the only issue I have is of an audio nature...monitoring via the TD-9's. I have the monitored tracks bleeding into the recorded track (when I also record audio from the TD-9' playback tracks are going out of SONAR on 5-6, into the 'Mix In' jack on the TD-9' L & R Outputs from the TD-9's are coming into SONAR on 7-8...& even tho I have 7-8 selected as my record source, I have 5-6 in that recorded track.

this has gotta be an internal TD-9 thing, as I checked my AI's config already). gonna open up the roland literature now.


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