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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by drummindan8484 View Post

I really could use some help though with something else related to this situation. Last week when we were just talking about me hanging out with her, he casually said something like "if you wanna hang out with us sometime I'm down". And today he disclosed pretty much everything about there Monday night hangouts sans the address of the location (his house)- so I feel like that may have been sort of an indirect invitation. Or you could think of it this way, if it was some super secret, he wouldn't have let me in on it, and he just mentioned it to me now after all the times he could have.
Sounds like an invitation to me - perhaps he's helping you out by lining up the opportunity to get to know her / them better. Very nice of this dude. I'd say tell him you'd like to hangout - ask what time is good and be fashionably late (like 20 mins so you're not the first one there - then he gets to do the introduction and you in like Flynn) .... (yes, I know it's in like Flint but that's the Australian version of the saying).

Be cool man
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