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Default Re: Cool Mic & gear cases for cheap

sorry for the confusion - I was off-topic, I wasn't aware of that manufacturer. Those pics with the organised stuff and stomp boxes inspired me to make some foam pad myself (which I just did) to supplement my stock Audix DP-7 micro set.

See pic - the foam at the right is the original one with all the mics supplied. This foam works as the top layer inside the Audix mic case but the mic holders were just rattling inside. Being inspired by your thread, I took some spare foam and prepared some cutouts for all the stock holders and additionally for 2 Neumann condenser clones which I bought extra. Now everything is neat and secure, no rattling. I bought this mic set just in case, haven't used it myself yet. (I lent it to a metal band and they pretty liked the sound though.) That was before I got into drums, just to be 'prepared'. (I do have a home studio.)

Thanks again for prompting me to finally do something about the case disorder ;-)

Those chrome mics are Neumann _clones_ (by BPM), NOT Neumann ;-) BPM was founded by an ex Neumann engineer who used a similar design. BPM mics come up on ebay Germany regularly so I bought a matched pair.
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