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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Awesome - what a great thread! Between sticks' and eddie you've got the manic and the depression of it summed up.

You could just go over and ask her - like taking off a bandaid - do it quick with no time to procrastinate..... she might just say yes, but then she might look at you like a disease and then cause you 2 full years of torment and humiliation at college.....

There - that should make it all easier ;-)
You're a little behind my friend. Go back a ways for the full details, but I already asked. She left me hanging ("can I get back to you on that?"), so I talked to one of my teachers who plays in a band with her and is great friends with her and he said it's probably a no. We talked again today. They hung out last night after class and he asked her about it and she said "he's a nice guy but I don't know"- so there you go, on that level this isn't happening.

I really could use some help though with something else related to this situation. Last week when we were just talking about me hanging out with her, he casually said something like "if you wanna hang out with us sometime I'm down". And today he disclosed pretty much everything about there Monday night hangouts sans the address of the location (his house)- so I feel like that may have been sort of an indirect invitation. Or you could think of it this way, if it was some super secret, he wouldn't have let me in on it, and he just mentioned it to me now after all the times he could have.

So here's the question. He's a very busy man, has a lot going on in his life and I have a feeling that for us to hang out, it's gonna have to be me that suggests we do so. So my question is, is there a way that I could perhaps remind him of his offer and ask to join them without seeming invasive?
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