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Originally Posted by kornslipknot
Yes i am a drummer and in a band. My fellow band members arnt fans of slipknot but I definatly am and obviously am inspired by his drumming. We do gigs ect... I plan to post us up on this site but we havnt done much recording because we have only recently started.

I know the blister exists part of the song you mean and there is no miss timing at all! The snare work and symbols are perfect, maybe its your own drumming you can hear thats not quite right. As for Eeyore have you even listed to that song? It slows down halfway and then speeds up again at the end, which is exactly what Jordison does. I dont really like Live 9.0, but personally i think he makes the album. Have you listened to the drum solo? That is just over 3 minutes of perfect drumming that is fast and DEFINATELY on time. Do you really think they would have brought that album out with the drums out of time?

You said you think Joey is good and yet you say he is out of time. I certainly wouldnt appreciate a drummer who plays out of time on an album, so im not sure where your coming from.
first of all: good to see another aussie here at dw !

second: i think joey is good because of his chops, his speed, his technique, etc. not his timing when playing live... ..a good drummer (like joey) can record in time but a great drummer (like raymond herrera or danny carey) also stays in time when playing live (imo)

i think we must hear things a bit differently because i find his drum solo on 9.0 quite boring and very sloppy in parts... i certainly don't think it is right on time

do you play against a click track? or do you sometimes use a metrenome? ...start doing either one of these things and after a while you will also notice the time slips of other drummers (and yourself of course!) ...

but... i'm talking about live 9.0 and i'd definitely forgive time slips in a live performance so yes i think joey is good, but not as good as a drummer who keeps perfect time in all situations (i.e. live or recording)

as for eyeore and the blister... i'm talking about live 9.0 and on that album you can't say i'm not right about what i said.
maybe that's why you don't like the album? or is it because of all corey's crap that he says because i honestly can't stand corey......
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