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Originally Posted by a_rockdrummer
here are some drummers that would crush john bonham.

neil peart

alex van halen

keith moon.

these 3 drummers here are all around drummers,
john bonham was not a all around drummer
I respect your opinion even though I feel you are wrong. Trying to say one drummer is better then the other is like comparing apples and oranges. Everyone has their own style and expresses themselves differently, that is the beauty of music. Neil Peart's drumming wouldn't have fit with Zeppelin's music and Bonham wouldn't have fit with Rush. They each played what their particular music called for, and they both did it very well. Bonham was a pioneer in what is now considered Heavy Metal, he is the most influential rock drummer of all time. To just blow him off as a overated drummer is ridiculous. Bonham was very much an all around drummer he played on a lot of different albums from other artists. For example one of Paul McCartney's solo albums he played on a couple of tracks, wouldn't you say McCartney's music is a lot different then Zeppelin's? If he was not a flexible drummer he would have never been asked to play. And you also say he plays the same thing over and over, well I have listened to a lot of The Who and Moon played the same structure in most of their songs. You can hear the same fills in a lot of their music too. Alex Van Halen praises Bonham as a huge influence on him, in fact you can hear a lot of Bonham fills in some of their old stuff. And how many times have we heard massive tom rolls from Peart, or the cowbell solo? Drummers create their own style and stick with fills that work for them, and the drummers you have listed are no different.
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