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Originally Posted by aaajn View Post
I started watching the Ken Burn's documentary, saw the first disc tonight. What is really striking, and I am not surprised, is how much race, slavery, and New Orleans are all at the center.

That's what the video thing said anyway. Does anybody else have an opinion on this documentary?
Jazz music does in part, develop as a result of what else was happening at the same time within the country so though it may dwell a little much in the beginning on civil rights, the music at that time does reflect that. Additionally, the beginning roots of the music itself comes from the blues, spirituals and slavery songs so it is somewhat relevant to knowing the history.

Civil rights issues impacted all the players and who they could perform with, who they couldn't, where they could play, how they were treated and ultimately the music they created. Louis Armstrong, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis and others music reflect this.

Studying Jazz Drumming alone will be a little different. If you are interested in Jazz Drumming History, then you check out The Evolution of Jazz Drumming (Book CD & DVD) by Danny Gottlieb.
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