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Default Re: Attention Melbourne drummers!

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
1. Check here: There's a few guys there who I've seen in various outfits over the years.....some of them big names on the local scene. I know they can all play. And knowing Frank Corniola's reputation, he wouldn't hire any slouches anyway. Northcote is not too far from Brunswick (5 to 10 mins drive).

2. Allans recently aquired Billy Hydes, they were the premier drum retailer in Melbourne. But now they are one in the same. If you move to Brunswick then you're also very close to their Flemington store. That one has been my "home store" since I was a kid. Drumtek is also a retail outlet and there is also Drummers Paradise in Richmond if you decide to move there:
Outside of that, there are any number of smaller stores scattered around the city and suburbs too.

3. I'm out of that loop at present, but the number of live venues is certainly not what it once was.....all the old haunts over run by dreaded pokies. There's still places to play, but as an outsider looking in, the scene sure seems to be a lot smaller than what it was when I was in it.
Typically we used to start at 9 or 10 though, depending on venue, how many sets we were booked for, if there were other bands playing etc etc.
This is a really helpful post actually, I hadn't come across that Drumtek website. Looks pretty good. I haven't had a teacher since high school anyway, just got back into it about a year ago under my own steam, so it's not like I need a world class teacher at the moment, ha.

It's funny to see you guys talking about how diminished the scene is there...I mean, I'm sure it is, but from over here it looks like an embarrassment of riches. One thing I'm curious about, what's the ratio of drummers to other musos like? Over here there seems to be a shortage of drummers, so it's not hard to find opportunities to play. Is there a lot of competition over there?

I had a couple if questions I was going to ask when I logged in but they've totally deserted me....will get back to you later.
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