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The head is a clear Emp for the reso side of a Tama Starclassic Bubinga/Birch 24x18 kick. I like this head on the reso for what this group requires. I am fortunate to use several kits for different projects. The small grommet is my compromise on a ported head for a cover trio rock group I play with fairly often. They house their own P.A. Let it be known. I DISLIKE CLICKY KICKS! They were used to having a "clicky" kick sound for their modern songs (20% of their night). I explained how my full reso would provide plenty of click and, more importantly, low-end provided amps and cabs were not too close to the kick and external mic. We had a discussion similar to this...

Them: "Where are your pillows?"
Me: On my bed. Why?
Them: Fine. Where is the hole?
Me: Well... If you must know...
Them: Nevermind. How does it sound?
Me: Turn on the mains.
Press button.
Them: Why is there so much bass?
Me: (face palm) Because it's a bass drum.

We found a happy ground between low end and punch acoustically and I told them I would replicate it over a P.A.

So... This went on for a few gigs and they wanted more attack. I attribute this to their lack of knowledge on running sound; be it FOH or Mons.

I came up with this. I checked out the Kelley Shu mounts and realized I had everything but the cordage in my garage. One trip to HD, minus $7.99, and my internal kick mic is complete. This pic is of a PG52 instead of the Audix or Heil I would normally use. It is installed in my Starclassic Maple 20" kick (in the pic), but was easily switched onto the 24 B/B. The group was more than pleased and I got to keep my almost full (less 3/4") reso.
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