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Default Do you know what day it is today?

...It's beer day.

My Dearly Beloved has arrived home from her annual cross border shopping foray, and with her came my allotment of 24 bottles of Miller High Life.

It was back in April of 1978, my older brother and l were spring skiing at Marmot Basin In Jasper Alberta. We had just finished our last run and were in the parking lot with a bunch of friends from home who were also at the hill that weekend. Somebody had a dozen Miller High Life, which was odd as there was no beer strike, hence a healthy selection of domestic beer was available. I had two beers, and no two beers previous to or since, have tasted as good as those two Miller High Life.

Miller is now brewed under license here in Canada, and MGD is pretty much my domestic beer of choice. For the past three years, my Wife has gone on a bus tour to partake in the blood sport that has become shopping in Great Falls Montana on Black Friday. Each trip she brings me home a 24 of the Champagne of Beer. I have come to refer to this as Beer day, and l celebrate it most enthusiastically.

Happy Beer Day to all.

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