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Originally Posted by a_rockdrummer
here are some drummers that would crush john bonham.

neil peart

alex van halen

keith moon.

these 3 drummers here are all around drummers,
john bonham was not a all around drummer
Same crap over and over again, are you kidding me?!

How can you sit here and say out like those three drummers but don't like Bonham. I'm especialy amazed that you insult Bonham, then list Alex Van Halen as someone more well rounded as him! Not to insult Alex, or any of his fans, but A V H never really did it for me, I never really dug him, not to say he is bad or anything.

Keith Moon and Neil Peart I can see why someone may be a bigger fan of them, but to say that one is better than the other is a very ignorant statement. That's like saying chocolate is better than vanilla, it's all opinion. To say that chocolate is the same old crap and vanilla is much better is ridiculous!

Oh, and I don't like to "here" Bonham, I like to "hear" Bonham.

I'll let someone else take it from here...
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