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Originally Posted by lilblakdak

BTW: Hot For Teacher isnt a digital kick with delay. Its very easy when You sit down and figure it out. There are 3 main parts.All played separately quite simple but when you put them together it sounds terrific. 1st you play a shuffle pattern with yur feet using your lefft foot to play the hihat and snare parts. Once you get that established put in the tom parts with your left hand and the ride with your right. It takes alot of practice but it can be done.

It's not a digital kick with delay, however it is a simmons pad that was overdubbed into the track...I read the interview with Alex in Moddern Drummer...Alot of people don't realize this...

I can only think of maybe 1 or 2 people who could actually play the intro...Niether of them were Alex. "Very easy", is not a term that should be used to describe playing that part..
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