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Default Bob Gulloti

I'm surprised that there isn't talk about Bob Gullotti, one of the deepest jazz players around. He's a faculty member of Berklee and Zildjian artist. Here's a quick bio (with video lesson link from him):

His Berklee Bio:

He can play any style; inside, outside, rock (he's played with Phish live), Latin- you name it. I've seen him play dozens of times around Boston, primarily with a group called "the Fringe". It's a trio with John Lockwood on Bass and George Garzone on Sax. It's a project that they've been doing for almost 40 years. Very outside stuff, and they're almost telepathic. To me, it's as if the original Elvin Jones trio went at it for decades to see what they could come up with. Here's an example:

The Fringe: Part 1

Part 2, Drum Solo from 2:55 to 4:50

From Phish's website. (I can't find the video where he's playing with them, though).

You owe it to yourself to look up more of his playing and if you have the chance, see him play live. I've seen him play mind blowing outside stuff like a banshee and mainstream stuff where everyone in the club is standing on the tables!

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