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Originally Posted by helldrummer
i think joey is a great pop-metal drummer with a clean, tough sound... however, he can't keep time very well.
i'm not a slipknot fan but they are pretty fun to play along to, and what i've noticed is that joey actually speeds up considerably when playing a straight punk-style beat for a while, but then slows down during his double bass rolls.
i can't roll quite as fast as him on my double pedal (or with my hands), so i'm in no position to criticise.. ..but keeping time accurately is the most important aspect of drumming.
if you can't keep time, you need more practice.

as far as joey's fans are concerned.. ..i have a mate who is a drummer and likes slipknot, and even after he saw a virgil donati clinic with me, he said he thought virgil was good but not as good as joey!
he listens to tool and fear factory, and he can't even tell how much better danny and raymond are than joey because he is such a hardcore joey fan
lol :D
Where exactly is Joey not in time. Im sure all the people that dislike his drumming wouldnt say it is because of his timing. You could say he is repetetive but his timing is perfect.
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