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Default Re: Attention Melbourne drummers!

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Why don't the promoters have a common kit set up so theres no tear down and set up time? A drummer brings his pedals snare, cymbals, you have a basic rider to supply stands just like any other event with multi bands playing.
I've certainly shared before, but the communal kit thing really is a rareity here in Oz. Even with multiple acts on the bill, you'll find that most bands will use their own rigs. Just the way it is.

As for pub gigs?? Not in this town mate. If a band wants promotion here in Melbourne, you either get big enough to build a following and hope the buzz catches, you pay someone to do it for you or you do the leg work yourself. Pubs will book your spot and then tend to do precious little outside of that.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I was in Melbourne about 10 years ago and was amazed at how good the scene was compared with Syd. What a shame to hear you've gone down the drain like us. I take it there was a change in the gaming machine laws ... that's how it happened here. We're simply not as profitable as the machines.
There's still venues Pol....and maybe if I was hitting them more regularly then I may find that there are a hell of a lot more that I don't know about.....but so, so many of the venues that were "coveted gigs" when I was playing all the time, are no longer. I drive around with my wife and seem to be forever pointing out pubs that I used to play in but have now obviously jumped on the slot machine bandwagon.
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