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Default Re: Do KickPorts work?

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
That's interesting. I'd guess a porthole will always be a benefit, depending on the target sound and on the precise diameter of the hole (and exact location), compared to the bassdrum size.

To the OP:
A statement like "...bassdrum sound better" is highly subjective. For a reasonable "discussion" one needs to know (IMO):

- What bassdrum do you have currently (make, size, head)?
- How does your bassdrum sound ATM, what is it you don't like?
- What's your preferred sound?

Prior to getting a porthole - did you experiment with dampening/muting?
my bass drum is a Gretsch Cat maple 18x 22 and im using an Evans EMAD. Right now it isnt loud enough and there is too much attack probably because I cut my reso hole too big. I want a warmer, lower pitched and more boomy sound.

I have a couple of small blankets at the bottom that are resting against both heads
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