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Default Re: Do KickPorts work?

The ONLY reason to port a drum is if your gonna use an internal mic system. It has nothing to do with drum sizes!! The port gives you quick access if you need to get to the mic and unless you have some really sophisticated outboard gear for controling the mic sound your gonna need a sound release (air) a hell of alot bigger than a gromet hahaha!!!
An internal set up is great if you work alot and its a great convience, I used them for close to 30 yrs. I can't work anymore because of injuries sustained in an accident but the 2 gigs a month I do now are played with a "full" head and an outboard mic. I'm enjoying the tuning of a batter and reso again and the drums have sustain that you can't get with a ported reso head so its pretty nice. Old school was and is a great place to be, especially on drums. Doc

trace a 5" circle with a razor blade, done!!
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