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Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
i havent seen anyone come close to bonhams right foot, except maybe jo jo mayer, but even then, there not as powerful as bonhams.
You really should check out Zach Hill, especially live. I will go ahead and go out on a limb and say his kick work is in league with Bonham, especially in the sense of innovation, not to mention speed, power, and importantly,creativity and energy. I have had the pleasure of sitting no more than three feet away from him many times at his shows, and I am constantly blown away with all the aspects I mentioned above with which he plays.
Tama really needs to have him help design some hardware and especially modifications to the Iron Cobra, as he has destroyed many of the metal parts of his equipment just with his playing. Sticks and heads are a whole nother matter with him.

It should be noted that Zach is a huge fan of both John Bonham and Tim Alexander, and I'm sure he would be very honored to be mentioned alongside them in these discussions.
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