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Default Re: Kenney Jones

Kenny is very under rated.

And he gets a lot of undeserved flack from people because he was not Keith Moon. Of course, not, and he knew it, so he didn't try to be. Rather than try to fill the shoes of Moon, he said I'm not him, so I'm just going to be me. And rather than people realizing he was taking the high road, people just love to point fingers and say "but he's no Moon".

And he also gets some unfair blame for Pete's song writing not being as great as he had been previously on the those last two albums. Well, Kenny didn't write the songs; yet people love to blame Kenny for things out of his control. He walked into an impossible situation, and got skinned alive for it.

I used to sit with my walkman and listen to "Who's Last" with Kenny on repeat all through high school.

I particularly dig his rolling triplets on "The Quiet One" from "It's Hard".
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