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Originally Posted by Pachikara-Tharakan View Post
All The Who albums would have remained in the same WHO trail if the remaining members Townshend, Daltrey and Enwhistle held an audition to find out who could play lyrically just like what Moon did, instead of calling their friend Kenny.

I still think the song Eminence Front would have been much different if Moonie played, instead of that dead groovy beat., .......well almost all the songs in Face Dances and Its Hard.

Yes, Kenny is a great drummer just like all the other great drummers but quite unfit for The Who.
Fair comments but I probably shouldn't have mentioned The Who ... I've inadvertently brought into focus the very issue I wanted to dispel ... Kenny being on a hiding to nothing by filling in for Moonie.

Oh well, someone was going to say it if I didn't.

Kenny's playing always brings to mind another dead solid British drummer, Simon Kirke. Nothing flash but always always rock solid, appropriate and generally good sounding.

Take the seamless way he sits in the groove in Itchycoo Park and the fabulous phased (flanged?) fills ... Kenny's playing is all too beautiful :)
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