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Default Re: Jagger & Bowie Dancing in the Street

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Maybe because ...............your from down under??????? I see now, didn't see where you were "really" come in from hahahaha!!!! I'm from the inner city, grew up on T-Bone Walker, Fats Domino Louis Jordan and the likes of Blues to Rhythmn N Blues and Swing and Jazz then Soul. However I do respect the "Lil River Band" a hell of alot more than the Stones hahaha anyone can play the Stones tunes its so easy you could be a sleep learning it, I'd love to hear some shmo band playing Stones covers start a rehearsal on the Lil Rivers Vocals!!!
That would be priceless!!! Well its no big deal you get your fancy tickled by Bowie cause you don't wear draws, and I'll not listen at all. Is he related to Meatloaf??? Nah! Doc
Haha cheeky blighter. PFOG is correct ... when the universe has a THIS WAY UP sign then I'll accept that Oz is "down under"!

I believe the correct term for you is "blues snob" heeheehee (just givin ya crap :)

Seriously though, the Stones tunes are easy enough to play, but not to write, nor to play with the spirit the Stones gave those songs. Also, bear in mind that Keef played a lot of partials that young garage players fudge with bar chords.

PFOG and I came up listening to some fabulous artists that most of you Yanks don't know about (excluding Unfunkyfooted, who's a true internationalist) The pub rock scene here in the 70s and 80s was great but sadly is no more.

Personally, I'm loathe to dis established artists because they release best selling albums, play in front of thousands of people and are loved by millions around the world ... it would seem odd for a two bit local player like me to cast judgement. I'm a big fan of the atmospheric pieces Bowie's German period music too.

But Dancing in the Street? It was super popular but give me Sticky Fingers and Heroes any day!
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