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Doctor Dirt
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Default Re: Jagger & Bowie Dancing in the Street

Maybe because ...............your from down under??????? I see now, didn't see where you were "really" come in from hahahaha!!!! I'm from the inner city, grew up on T-Bone Walker, Fats Domino Louis Jordan and the likes of Blues to Rhythmn N Blues and Swing and Jazz then Soul. However I do respect the "Lil River Band" a hell of alot more than the Stones hahaha anyone can play the Stones tunes its so easy you could be a sleep learning it, I'd love to hear some shmo band playing Stones covers start a rehearsal on the Lil Rivers Vocals!!!
That would be priceless!!! Well its no big deal you get your fancy tickled by Bowie cause you don't wear draws, and I'll not listen at all. Is he related to Meatloaf??? Nah! Doc
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