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Doctor Dirt
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Default Re: Jagger & Bowie Dancing in the Street

Damn fellas relax I'm just foolin around, its like when I say something everyone gets their panties all twisted hahaha!!! I don't think their great song writers sorry, The Gershwin Bros were great song writers, Duke Ellington was a great writer, Johnny Mercer was a a great writer. They wrote classic tunes with rhythms, beats, melodies and releases that were arrainged to perfection. If you think that some clown in make up is a great performer and song writer its ok but theres so much more adult music out here that you haven't even heard of let alone listened too. I understand their popularity in the rock n roll world but is this just a rock drummers forum? I'm beginning to think it is because the word great is constantly used to describe some single stroked meth moron who destroys equipment with better timing than he keeps, yet hes great. When you hear Daniel Bowies tunes in comparison to Marvin Gayes or Stevie Wonders or Bill (Smoky) Robinsons you gotta be kidding me right? Whatever! NEXT!! Doc
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