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Default Re: Jagger & Bowie Dancing in the Street

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Obviously both of these "guys" are "great" or they wouldn't be millionaires, right? mnnnnn No!! Both have tremendous vocal range, right? mnnnnnnn No! Both handsome and manly to a fault, right? mnnnnnnnn No!
Do I enjoy Daniel Bowie and his music? No!
Do I enjoy Mick Jagger and his music? No!
Both were able to write a hell of a song though. "Great"? In a songwriting sense.....damned straight they have the ability to be great. You not liking them is perfectly acceptable to me......but it doesn't change the fact that both have written great music.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I like something, or I don't. There's no need to have to dig deep or insist there be certain values, a song/video either works for me, or it doesn't.
+1. If it moves me, it gets a hearing.......if it doesn't, I'll leave it by the wayside. I don't wanna have to over analyse why I don't like something when there's so much I do like. I'd rather focus on that.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Two people do not a party make. .
Oh yes they can old mate....get your raggedy backside down to Oz and I'll show you how. :-)

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
I see I knew shallow people in the past,
Come on mate. He doesn't agree with you so now he's shallow? Turn it up.

Your ability to see things from someone else's perspective is severly lacking itself, Doc. Half of what you post is living testimony to this. But as much as I find your rhetorical rants amusing.......if you're gonna stand in that glass pays not to throw stones.

FWIW, I was never much of a fan of this track....but I think both artists have certainly done "great" things.

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