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Hey all, I'm doing a job on my Mapex Horizon; a humble and misunderstood kit.

There's an attachment below, sorry for the watermark but I don't have one of my actual kit, just mine has an extra tom (8") in the run which is white and the run follows black white after that. (I'll try to get pics soon).

Anyway, I'm not rewrapping it as such, though I am getting a custom decal job over the existing wrap (it won't affect depths of anything for hoops etc) and also getting bass res heads done.

I'm also reheading the whole thing for a nicer, deeper sound.

And now onto my question. I'm also thinking about staining the insides of the shells. They're the white wood and I want it a nice rich, dark brown.

So does anyone have any tips, like how and what to use?

I'll get pics up once it's all done :D

Here's how it is atm (just the colours are reveresed and there's the extra tom in the beginning of the run).

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