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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Hi Simon's Fans

Today's posts are live clips from the past...

"Sunshine Of Your Love" by the Jack Bruce Trio, live in Polland in 1992. Simon's partnership with Jack Bruce goes back to 1977 with the album "How's Trick". I saw this trio live in London in '92, the advert for the gig said "doors open 7:30 pm", so I was there at that time, and the hall was empty, about 3 people!!!, I was able to choose my spot in front of the stage and contemplating Simon's drums for one and a alf hour, ha ha ...No opening act! But I had a GOOD view of the man...

9 songs live from Toyah's Warrior Tour in 1982, it's the following tour from the album "The Changeling" (1982) featuring Simon Phillips. (warning: it's over 43 minutes)

Keep On Drumming
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